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5-Sulfosalicylic acid

IUPAC name: 2-Hydroxy-5-sulfobenzoic acid

CAS number: 5965-83-3 & 97-05-2

Molecular formula: C7H6O6S

Molar mass: 218.185 g/mol

Available grades: 

  • Technical:     >97,0 % assay

  • High Purity:  >99,8 % assay

Sulfosalicylic acid

Insect pheromone lures

Our REAGRON® insect monitoring pheromone lures are presented  in a special rubber carrier, containing the corresponding pheromones as synthetic attracting agent. The lures are active at least 6 weeks long, containing only very limited amount of the highly active ingredients.

Low melting point eutectics

Special liquid formulation of an eutectic mixture with sub-zero melting point. The liquid can be used to maintain temperatures around -5°C.

Main applications:

  • Refrigerators , cool boxes

  • Cold packs, ice boxes

Ice Akku

Our REAGRON® insect pheromone traps are monitoring devices, using insect pheromone lures to attract and an adhesive pad to lock the targeted moths.

The traps are often used to detect presence of the targeted insects or for sampling, monitoring, or to determine the first appearance of a pest in the targeted area. They can be also used for legal control in grape yards or other commercial fruit plants.

The traps are available for the main fruit moths which are commonly presence across Europe.  

Specialty chemicals

Synthetic pheromones

We are offering on-demand synthesis of specialty chemical products in small to low scale.

Some examples:

  • 1,12-dodecanediol

  • 10-undecyonic acid

The synthetic pheromones used as attractant in our insect pheromone lures and traps sold under the brand of REAGRON®.

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